Responsive Website Design

Having a website is absolutely essential for businesses in this day and age. If a business does not acquire a website, what are they? Who are they? The answer is simple, people will not know. A website is essentially a company’s home. It serves customers around the globe and provides them with the necessary information and details they need with instantaneous speed. If a company does not have a home, it does not have a foundation to grow upon.

Pazaz Media Group is here to help companies and businesses around the globe not only build a website but craft websites that fit each individual company. After all, every company is special and has a certain uniqueness that needs to stand out. Our web design captures the very essence of a company and makes it come to life through all the slender details. Again, Pazaz Media Group does not simply build a website with lethargy and mediocrity, because anyone can do that. Our designers are intuitive and eager to understand what makes your business great. They grasp the details and translate the eminence of companies and lay it out on a functional site.

Through the art of design we turn companies into simplistic yet beautiful online websites that customers will recognize. Our design team consists of experts in the why, what, and how to get customers pulled in and convert. Work with a designer that can take your thoughts and wishes, and turn them swiftly into reality. Our staff artistically creates key pages, wire frames, and concepts that represent every vital aspect of a business. It’s all in the approach, color scheme, fonts, and we do it all.

So, what comes after design? Functionality of course! This is what gets companies noticed and high-engagement rates. Anyone can put up a website, but not everyone can build strategic, responsive, and engaging websites that lead to credibility. You can have one amazing company but no one will ever know without a functioning website.

A website that functions well, converts well. Making it easy for customers to navigate through a website is a requirement. If it becomes difficult for a user to navigate, this is when you can see customers beginning to quit and search elsewhere. With Pazaz Media Group we create websites that flow effortlessly from the home page to landing pages. When developing websites our team makes sure the loading of the site happens instantly, there is no time for lagging if a company wants to rank well.

One other aspect of our developing process is ensuring websites will look good on a plethora of different screen sizes. We design websites that are quick and responsive, and that are also able to adapt to the customer in any given instance.

We focus on both the design and development stages and never fail to do so. This is why our customers are thrilled and excited when they see their finished result. We work hard and before giving any finish product to our customers we test. There will always be a bug crawling around a website and this is why we do our testing to ensure every customer receives a flawless website.

Pazaz Media Group takes great pride in producing high-quality websites for our customers, because we do all the necessary steps with precision. We discuss with our clients, gather information, plan, design, develop, test, and release. Our customers trust us because we never overlook the details and we listen to our customers’ needs.

Design Process for Setting Up a Proper Website

In order for a website design project to really take off there are a number of steps that need to be taken to ensure that everything is the best it can be.

In Depth Discovery & Targeted Website Strategy

From careful research to in-depth analysis and extensive planning, leading website designs can only be created once the goals of a project have been carefully outlined so key elements are visually stunning, yet easy to use.

Planning & Information Architecture

A website’s features, functionalities, and structure should be clearly defined at the start of a project so that there is an accurate idea of what the website should look like that everyone involved on the project can use for reference throughout.Creative Design & Mockup Iteration

Designs need to be based on industry research along with the goals and objectives of each specific project. It’s important to think about this because the best creative designs live and die by how well received by their target audience they are.

Front-end Coding & Back-end Development

This phase of the process ensures that everything on the website is easily editable by a user through a content management system, or CMS. There are many different options available, but each CMS needs to be simple to learn so that a business can regularly update the content on their site to keep their at its best to encourage users to come back for multiple visits.

Quality Assurance & Testing

The checklist for this process can be extremely long, but it is important that everything is done correctly in order to guarantee a successful launch for the website. Any problems that arise during this phase should be addressed immediately to avoid issues later on, and any top quality assurance team makes sure that every element is checked – from registration forms to site navigation.

Launch, Analysis & Optimization

However, the website isn’t quite complete – like any great project it is constantly evolving. Analysis needs to ongoing in order to measure how effective individual features and elements of a website actually are and how users are interacting with the website.

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